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Group University Admissions Manager

Academics - Learning and Teaching – Johannesburg, Gauteng
Department Academics - Learning and Teaching
Employment Type Full-Time
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Group University Admissions Manager

Set up Enko Education’s university admissions guidance programme


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About Enko Education: Increasing access to top universities through providing excellent, affordable international secondary education  for middle class students in Africa

Young African talents are under-represented in the world’s best universities. In the United States alone, a census by UNESCO reveals 900,000 foreign students, of which only 31,000 originate from sub-Saharan Africa. Similarly, 100,000 students come from India, a country whose population size and GDP per capita are similar to that of the sub-Saharan region. This discrepancy is explained by the inadequacy of traditional secondary education to prepare learners to enroll  in globally leading universities.

Enko Education is an Africa-wide fast-growing network of international secondary schools, preparing learners across Africa for admission to the world’s best universities.

Enko Education developed an innovative education model relying on an internationally-recognized curriculum, the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). By adopting an asset-light strategy and relying on extensively trained local teachers, Enko Education is able to charge schools fees which are, on average, only a quarter of those charged by other IBDP schools in Africa.

The group opened its first school in September 2013 and now comprises 9 schools, located in Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Mozambique and South Africa, and shares the ambition to launch further 30 schools in the next five years. Enko Education is financially supported by international development institutions and funds including Proparco, I&P and Oiko Credit.


A University Admission Guidance Programme to bridge the information / experience gap

University admissions processes are not always clearly documented and vary from country to country. Learners in Africa cannot benefit from the experience of alumni who studied in global leading institutions, as another direct consequence of the under-representation of African talents in such institutions.

Our students, therefore, need extra support to shortlist universities, decode admission procedures and submit successful applications. Our teachers and school-based college counsellors also require guidance to better support our students.

Enko La Gaieté International School, our first school started in 2013, has piloted a support system to our students which yielded spectacular results. All students of the school’s first DP2 cohort received admissions in excellent universities, including tier-ones such as Yale University, Science Po Paris, University of Toronto and others. Most of them received full or partial funding.

In response to the rapid expansion of our school network we now aim to develop and  implement a University Admissions Guidance Programme at group level to make those results sustainable and increase our impact. This programme will become not only a key enabler to achieve our mission to increase access to the world’s best universities but also a major competitive advantage compared to alternative schools in our geographies. We will further consider opening the guidance programme to non Enko students, to extend our impact.


Group University Admissions Manager, South Africa

We are excited to now recruit our first Group University Admissions Manager, to setup, rollout and execute the Enko University Admissions Guidance programme in the entire growing group of schools.  Main high level objective will be to maximise effective enrollment of Enko students in outstanding universities all over the world.

The position will be based in Johannesburg, Sandton, with frequent travels to our countries of operation (and potentially to countries hosting universities).


Illustration of activities & responsibilities

  • Develop and improve the Enko University Admissions Guidance Programme, to optimally support our schools and students on all aspects of the admission journey

  • Ensure the proper roll-out and execution of the programme. Oversee students’ application processes, across all Enko schools, in close collaboration with the school-based counsellors and the heads of schools. Ensure full integrity at every step of the process

  • Recruit, train and supervise - in close collaboration with the heads of schools - school-based counsellors in all of our schools

  • Collaborate with the entire school community (including staff and parents) to ensure a consistent focus on improving students’ learning outcomes through the effective understanding of the needs of university admissions

  • Engage with universities worldwide that are looking to recruit talented students from Africa.

  • Position Enko as their trusted partner

  • Set up partnerships with foundations and other scholarship providers (including universities) to ensure that financially underprivileged students gather sufficient funding.

  • Contribute to the differentiation and communication of Enko Education by profiling great success stories, writing position papers



The ideal candidate:   

  • Demonstrates strong experience in the admissions field, either in the admissions team of a university or as a university admissions counsellor in an educational institution

  • Developed a great knowledge of universities’ application processes and requirements

  • Exhibits excellence in communications in English (especially writing skills). Speaking French and/or Portuguese is a plus.

  • Shares our excitement to offer a top-notch education to the African middle-class and increase access to leading universities

  • Is an avid traveller and has a lot of available pages in his/her passport!

  • Is a self-starter and a problem-solver, who thinks three or four steps ahead.

  • Is hard working and collaborative, with the tenacity to plow through challenges and an appreciation for teamwork towards achieving a shared vision

  • Thinks systems, scale, data

  • Is humble, seeking out feedback, internalising it, and using it for self-improvement

  • Embodies our values like no other

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